Guide to Cyber Monday Mattress Sale Shopping
Cyber Monday Mattress Deals 2016
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Guide to Cyber Monday Mattress Sale Shopping

Cyber Monday mattress deals can be an excellent way to save on a new bed without having to endure the hassle of retail stores. Black Friday remains the busiest shopping day of the year, but more and more people are choosing to forgo the crowds and busy malls in favor Cyber Monday shopping. This trend is increasingly popular for non-gift purchases and larger items that are hard to get home, like mattresses.

In this article, we will explore a few tips for navigating Cyber Monday mattress sales to make your search as easy as possible. The sales for this year will be coming out soon. Be prepared for some of the best mattress deals of 2016.

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Cyber Monday Mattress Sale Shopping Tips

A new mattress is one of the more expensive household purchases people make, and since we spend about ⅓ of each day in bed, it is also one of the most used items in the average house. For these reasons, the process of choosing a new bed deserves a little time and research. Making a snap judgement just to save a few bucks can have some drawbacks down the line, so consider the following tips to save on Cyber Monday mattress deals and get a bed you’ll love.

Figure Out What Type of Mattress You Want

The first step in buying a new mattress is to determine what type of bed is best suited to your body and preferences. Start by trying out a variety of mattress types and research pros and cons of each. Don’t feel compelled to stick with a particular type or brand solely out of familiarity. You may be missing out on a better experience. The most popular types of beds on the market are listed below:

Innerspring beds are mattresses with metal coils or springs, topped with layers of foam and padding. These are primarily distinguished by the type of coils used, coil counts, and pillowtop materials. Pocket and offset coils tend to have better supportiveness and motion isolation, and higher coil counts can play a small role in supportiveness and durability.  Memory foam and polyurethane foam tend to have the best overall ratings for topper materials, with fiber and polypropylene layers being less durable and comfortable. While innerspring beds are more widely available and can be less expensive, they have the lowest overall owner satisfaction and greatest issues with durability, motion isolation and pain relief.

Memory Foam mattresses have layers of visco-elastic foam over polyurethane foam cores. Memory foam can be traditional temperature-sensitive foam, and new types also use gel-infused and plant-based memory foams. Lower density foams (under 3.5 lbs) are usually less expensive, but are also less durable and less effective at relieving pressure points. High density foams (over 5.0 lbs) are durable and pressure-relieving, but tend to be expensive and are more likely to offgas and retain heat. Medium density beds (3.5-5.0 lb) relieve pressure and have good durability with fewer of the negative side effects of high density foams.

Overall, memory foam mattresses rank highest in owner satisfaction and have good pain relief and motion isolation, but some brands can be hot and difficult to move on. They vary in price and quality greatly. Try to get a mattress that will work well for your specific needs.

Latex mattresses have latex cores and comfort layers made from either natural or blended latex. Natural latex comes from botanical sources and is one of the more eco-friendly mattress materials available, but can be expensive and hard to find. Blended latex contains synthetic man-made polymers which reduce costs, but can also affect durability and eco-friendliness. Foam made in the Dunlop process is less costly to make and can be certified organic, but can be limited in firmness options. Talalay process latex is more complex to make, but can result in a more consistent product. Overall, latex mattress rate almost as high as memory foam, though natural latex scores considerably higher than blended and synthetics. Latex beds score well on durability, pain relief and motion isolation, but can be costly, heavy to move and some models may retain heat.

Browse Cyber Monday Mattress Deals Early

Once you have an idea of what type of bed you want, you can get a head start on browsing Cyber Monday mattress deals. Retailers usually begin posting their promotions up to 2 weeks before the big day, which is November 30th this year. There are many websites that aggregate these deals, and they can also usually be found on retailer websites.

Because Cyber Monday mattress sales are online, they may not always be featured in print ads and newspapers. Once you are ready to browse, make a detailed list of the options that stand out so you can compare offerings and conduct more in-depth research later. Some sales items may be very limited in quantity and may not be available for long.

→ Check out the current list of Cyber Monday mattress sales here!

Sign Up for Newsletters and Deal Alerts

Not all websites like to publicly post their deals before Cyber Monday. However, one way retailers often connect with shoppers is via email newsletters and social media. Consider signing up for email alerts and connecting with brands or retailers you are considering on Twitter or Facebook to make sure you are notified about deals.

These sales may not all appear in the normal periodicals, either. Try to use a variety of sources to increase your chances of seeing the best deals. Websites with Cyber Monday deals (like this one!) also offer email alerts for new ads and deals that can prove helpful.

Compare Available Deals as Cyber Monday Nears

As Cyber Monday gets closer, you should start narrowing your selection. Compare the specifications, retailer policies, and owner reviews to see which offers represent the best value. Don’t feel shy about calling retailers or testing out beds without committing to buy, as it is much better to stay ahead of the game than to wait until the last minute. Here is a quick example checklist  for narrowing down your options:

  • What is the mattress made of? What are the details for each layer?
  • Does this bed meet my criteria for durability, firmness, comfort, etc?
  • What will the final price be including taxes and delivery?
  • Is the mattress returnable, and are their any costs?
  • What does the warranty cover and for how long?
  • What do people say about the mattress or brand in online reviews?
  • When do the Cyber Monday mattress deals expire?

You may not be able to find all this information for each bed you are considering, but you should try. Having these characteristics to compare is one of the easiest ways to shop when so  many mattresses are discounted. Do your best to fill in the blanks.

Get a New Bed!

Taking the time to research your ideal bed and then seeking Cyber Monday mattress deals that match up can be helpful for selecting a mattress you will be happy with well past New Years’ Eve. Waiting until the last minute and making an impulse buy, on the other hand, can be more stressful and make it harder to choose wisely.

One of the greatest benefits of buying a mattress online during Cyber Monday sales is that you have access to wide range of internet resources like mattress specifications and owner reviews. By making careful comparisons, checking sale terms, and contrasting value as outlined in this guide, you can sleep straight through Black Friday and get the bed of your dreams during 2016 Cyber Monday mattress sales. 

If you are ready to shop, head to our Cyber Monday Mattress Shopping Guide!

How did your Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress shopping go this year? Let us know in the comments!

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