Cyber Monday Mattress Deals & Black Friday Mattress Deals
Cyber Monday Mattress Sale
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Find the Top 2019 Cyber Monday Mattress Sale

Best Cyber Monday Mattress Deals
  • Amerisleep AS3 – Amerisleep’s AS3 is our recommended mattress to save big on this Cyber Monday. It’s comfortable for the majority of sleepers and discounted $200 from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Plus, Amerisleep’s offering two free pillows with every mattress.

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  • Zoma Mattress – Zoma’s memory foam mattress offers a good balance of comfort and support, and makes a great bed for side and back sleepers. Plus, it’s regularly priced at less than $1,000 for a king— which makes the additional $150 discount even sweeter this Cyber Monday.

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  • Amerisleep AS5 – The Amerisleep AS5 is a luxuriously soft mattress for side and back sleepers alike, and it’s even supportive enough to serve as a comfortable soft mattress for heavy sleepers. Take $200 off this mattress and score two free pillows this Cyber Monday.

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Looking for a new mattress but not interested in braving the stores? Cyber Monday mattress deals are an excellent opportunity to save on a new bed from major online retailers and national department stores alike. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house to shop!This year, we are researching and comparing all of the top online offers on memory foam, latex, innerspring beds and more to make buying a new bed a little easier. Compare the best Cyber Monday mattress deals side-by-side and shop smarter with our savvy tips. This is one of the best times to find a deal on a mattress.

The Best Cyber Monday Deals on Mattresses

After comparing and researching the online deals posted, here is our recommended Cyber Monday mattress. Take a look!

Amerisleep AS3

best cyber monday mattress saleThe Amerisleep AS3 is our recommended mattress to score big on this Cyber Monday! We like the AS3 because it’s designed to be comfortable for the majority of sleepers and offers a good balance of comfort and support.

Amerisleep utilizes state-of-the-art mattress materials in their beds to deliver truly better sleep. Starting with the cover, the AS3 features Celliant’s FDA-determined textile technology to promote deeper sleep. Celliant® recycles your body heat to infrared energy, which is then reabsorbed by your body to increase local blood flow. An increased local circulation keeps your temperature regulated and prevents you from waking up overheated.

The comfort layer of the AS3 is 3 inches of pressure-relieving Bio-Pur®. Amerisleep uses their proprietary plant-based memory foam in their mattresses to prevent overheating and increase the responsiveness of the bed— so you never feel “stuck” in the mattress. The thickness of this layer allows for a bit of sinkage while the Bio-Pur® contours to your body, but the transition layer below prevents you from sinking too far.

The second layer is Affinity with HIVE® technology. HIVE® has been clinically proven to reduce pressure points by up to 49%. HIVE® is firmer under your torso, head, and feet to facilitate proper spinal alignment, while allowing for deep compression under your shoulders and hips. HIVE’s® design is ideal for side sleepers, as it prevents pesky pressure points.

The third and final layer of the AS3 is 7 inches of sturdy Bio-Core® to reinforce the layers above and prevent sagging.

We recommend the Amerisleep brand because they offer a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty with each mattress. Plus, they’re offering two free pillows on top of a $200 discount this Cyber Monday!

How to Find the Best Cyber Monday Mattress Sale

Cyber Monday is the online follow up to Black Friday, falling on November 28 in 2018. The Monday after Thanksgiving is the busiest online shopping day of the year in terms of sales, and last Cyber Monday was actually the biggest online spending day in history. This year will probably be very similar.

In recent years, Cyber Monday continues booming as more shoppers prefer to browse online rather than in stores. Surveys from the National Retail Federation estimate that up to 80% of holiday shoppers will buy online this year (for millennials, up to 90%), and consulting firm Deloitte expects 9% growth in online holiday sales. Between early mornings, big crowds, and long lines, it’s easy to see why this internet shopping event is booming.

Though many Black Friday deals are now online as well, Cyber Monday mattress sales usually offer unique savings and for online retailers, may even have better deals to draw visitors in. Home items are among the most popular categories, and pricier items like mattresses are often featured.

In order to avoid Black Friday competition, Cyber Monday deals usually come out during the weekend or may not even be released until Monday morning. Here are the best places to find online offers:

  • Retailer/Brand Websites
  • Email Newsletters from Retailers
  • Social Media
  • Press Releases/News
  • Deal Forums

Cyber Monday sale promos are not announced as early as the Black Friday ones, but shopping early is still wise. You’ll likely be spending many years sleeping on your new bed, so it’s important to take a little time to research and find options that are not only good values, but also suitable for your comfort needs.

Start researching mattresses early to get an idea of the brands or types of beds you are interested in. Learn about the basics to make comparing beds easier during the sales, get an idea of what you and your partner prefer in terms of comfort, set a budget, and confirm the size you need.

Here’s a quick crash course of what to look for when buying a mattress:

  • What’s inside? Though brand names and fancy covers may draw you in, it is what’s under the covers that matters most when it comes to beds. For innersprings, learn about and compare coil types/count/gauge and topper layers. For memory foam, it’s density, layer thicknesses, and foam types. For latex, it’s natural latex content, manufacturing processes and layer thicknesses.
  • How does it compare? Once you know the specs of a mattress, it’s easier to compare value to other beds in the price range. Put the internet to use and compare several options. Look for beds that use higher-quality materials than their similarly-priced peers or offer an exceptional value. The more detailed comparison you can do, the better.
  • What do people say? Reviews are a helpful way to compare and sort out mattresses, while gaining insight on durability, value, comfort and other factors. One benefit of shopping online is that reviews are easy to find on retailer websites and third party review websites. Watch for “verified” reviews because these are reviews from consumers who have actually purchased the product.
  • What type of guarantees are offered? Check into warranties and return policies. Warranties should cover impressions for at least 5-10 years depending on price, and you should have at least 30 days to return (or at least xchange) if it doesn’t work out. A company should stand by their product.

Cyber Monday Mattress Sales in 2019

Below are all of the offers we could find for Cyber Monday sales this year. Some retailers will release ads in late November, but others may not announce online specials until the weekend before Cyber Monday. Keep checking back in and bookmark this page to stay updated.

Based on last year’s offerings, we expect Cyber Monday deals from many retailers including Amerisleep, JC Penney, Kohls, Macy’s, Mattress Firm, Overstock, Sears, Serta, Sleepy’s, Tempurpedic, and more. Once live, we will post the offers here for you to compare.

Complete List of 2019 Cyber Monday Mattress Deals

The week after Black Friday is ripe with online shopping deals, and we have collected all of the mattress offers we could find below. Both online retailers and department stores have discounts on beds, with a range of types and price ranges available.

Some stores may not release offers until the day of the sales, but we will do our best to update. Offers could be subject to change.


Online at, 11/28

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.

JC Penney

Online at, dates TBA

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.


Online at, Dates TBA

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.


The has yet to release Cyber Monday deals.

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.

Mattress Firm

The Mattress Firm Cyber Monday sale has not yet been announced.

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.


Online at, dates TBA

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.


Online at, dates TBA

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.


Online at, dates TBA

  • Coming soon — expected mid-November.

Keep checking back to stay on top of the latest news, and sign up for our email alerts to be notified about new announcements! Take a look at our Cyber Monday mattress sale guide for more helpful tips on getting the best mattress this year.

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